"Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best."

St. Jerome


Our Purpose

To maintain and enhance the spirit of industriousness of those related to the group, to attract talent and generate value for its ultimate clients, communities in which it operates, co-investors, partners, and shareholders. Its ulterior purpose is to support philanthropic activities, as ownership is ultimately held in a perpetual Philanthropic Trust.


What? Why? How?

Our Vision
Be a world class investment holding company thanks to our values, investment strategy, superior performance, solid and engaged team, and robust processes and governance.
Our Mission
To preserve and appreciate the human, social, intellectual and financial wealth, while preserving the spirit of industriousness, relevance and creativity of the group and contributing to the well-being of society through philanthropic enterprises.
Our Values
Results Driven
Creation of Shared Value
Public Service

Our History

Sailing New Waters

The Drake Group was formally established in the year 2000. Drake Enterprises is the product of the vision and hard work of Mr. Nicolas Ibañez Scott, his immediate family, and a group of trusted associates. Mr. Nicolas Ibañez Scott belongs to a family of merchants and entrepreneurs with roots in Chile and the UK.

The heart of the Drake Group is to be found in various entrepreneurial and philanthropic activities where the development of a grocery business in Chile stands out. The grocery business was sold to Walmart, the leading supermarket operator in the USA. The responsible management of the liquidity events that occurred in 2009 and 2014 has become the Group’s focus of attention.

The Name

Why Drake?


Drake Enterprises

Our Strategy

Drake is not in the business of investing money, but in the business of building companies. The Firm invests in businesses and markets where it can effectively add value. The Firm’s efforts to seek out opportunities are focused on industries and markets where it has a greater affinity.

Drake Enterprises A.G., headquartered in Switzerland, directs the core activity of the group. The group also has an executive office in New York and a support office in Miami. The Board of Drake Enterprises and its committees are responsible for the direction of the Group’s businesses. Drake Enterprises is poised to become a holding of different and complementary businesses.

Drake Enterprises seeks to efficiently allocating resources with a global perspective through three initiatives: (i) the Drake Endowment, a global investment platform for preserving and appreciating financial assets; (ii) Drake Real Estate Partners, a USA real estate platform and (iii) Drake Direct Investments, a business development platform that seeks wealth creation by investing in opportunities where we can develop sustainable competitive advantages.

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